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Stamps and Embossing Seals

All stamps and seals are customized for every need, they can be use for company name, address, logo and/or any other text messages. Choose your combination of setting of text, character size and type styles.
Self-inkers, Pre-inkers and Traditional Rubber Stamps are fitted with rectangular, square or round text plates and can comes in many different sizes as text, dater, dater plus text, numberers and/or dial-a-phrase.
Handles and mounts may vary sometimes for newer models or styles. Turnaround time is usually one business day, in some occasions if necessary can be produced the same day.

Self-Ink Stamps

Self-Ink Dater Stamps

Self-Ink Alpha Numeric Stamps

Self Ink

Self Ink
Dater Stamps

Self Ink
Alpha Numeric Stamps

Self-Ink Professional Stamps

Self-Ink Professional Dater Stamps

Self-Ink Professional Alpha Numeric Stamps

Self Ink Professional

Self Ink Professional
Dater Stamps

Self Ink Professional
Alpha Numeric Stamps

Traditional Wood Stamps

Dater Stamps

Alpha Numeric Stamps

Traditional Wood


Alpha Numeric

Pre-Inked Stamps

Embossing Seals & Corporate Kits


Stamp Pads
Self-Ink Pads
Ink Refills
Pre-ink ink fluid
Hand Stamp Racks
Self-ink Rack


Seals &
Corporate Kits

Setting of text

The three main formats of setting are flush left, flush right or center.

stamp type layout

stamp type layout

stamp type layout

Things to keep in consideration when ordering your stamps.

  • Spacing between lines, like one blank space between a line of text is considered one line.
  • A type higher than 24 points or large than 1/4 in height is considered two lines.
  • Border with square or round corners covering all text it counts as an additional two lines.
  • Vertical lines count as an additional line.
  • Curved lines are considered  as two lines

Standard Character Sizes

8 pt. text message

9 pt. text message

10 pt. text message

11 pt. text message

12 pt. text message

14 pt. text message

16 pt. text message

18 pt. text message

20 pt. text message

24 pt. text message*

26 pt. text message*

30 pt. text message*

Type Styles

The type styles shown are all 12pt, but are also available from 8pt. or higher see Standard Character Sizes table  for more details.
We can customized your stamp with any type styles. All type styles can be condensed or expanded to fit within the sizes of the stamp. Below are some of the Type styles we use.
Type styles samples are listed by:
all capital letters, normal-caps & lower letter, bold-caps & lower letter, italic-cap & lower letters.

stamp type style

stamp type style

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